About Us

After years of searching for high-quality, sleek and elegantly designed products in the storage industry, our tight-knit team of enthusiasts banded together to envision a new kind of product line. We were tired of buying low quality products made by people who probably had no experience or interest in this unique niche; from one overpriced, poorly designed, and cheaply made product to another, we decided that enough was enough.


Setting on a mission to provide a better experience by offering premium quality, thoughtfully designed products, Volant was born. We knew we weren’t the only ones desperately seeking professional, sleek designs within the space, and so we sought out to develop some core products: an all in one stash box, and containers, each being a staple and necessity for any experience. 


Combining our powers of product design, and suckers for high-end buys, we developed a kickass line of storage accessories that allude to the tandem connection between professionalism and storage; the two no longer are mutually exclusive and we wanted to create products that reflect that.


We’re so excited to launch Volant and introduce lovers from around the world to enjoy quality products made by people with a passion for the industry.